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The Great American Songbook is considered the bread and butter of the jazz singer’s repertoire and the epitome of the art form. These “standards” have wafted through our lives, our parents’ lives, and in some cases, our grandparents’ lives.  But so many other songs have made their way into the repertoire – and the collective unconscious – that I think it’s time to enter a new era.  The songs of A New Era are snapshots of an earlier time interlaced with the music of today. 


This mp3’s and video series will be available soon.  Each lesson will focus on a different aspect of warming up and singing.  These practice aids will be very helpful for anyone who would like to make singing easier.

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classic singer

This upcoming book is the first volume in a series of pedagogical resources for teachers and students. 

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These are things that I like to recommend to my students.  I am not selling them.  I just think they’re useful tools for singers.

finding you voice


This book does a great job of integrating many facets of singing.  Time is spent on both the psychological and the physiological components of singing.  And it’s easy to read.

tao of voice


One of my favorites for integrating breath and sound.  This book provided one of my “light bulb moments” right when I needed it.

inner game of music

If you are a singer that is trying to get out of your own way, read this book.  If you are serious about taking your performing to the next level, read this book.  It takes time and work but it is worth it!