Join the club!
Singing is a right, not a privilege.  We can all sing.  We can all express joy, love, sorrow, pain, and so much more, through song.  We have our favorite happy music, romantic music, sad music, angry music, etc. and we usually sing along with it.  Sometimes we are singing it in our head and sometimes we are singing out loud, but either way music is serving a very important purpose in our lives.  Sound transcends words and helps us to integrate feelings and emotions into something that can only be expressed musically.

This is a great time of year for sing-alongs, whether at home with our families, at parties with friends, or in a large congregation of people.  Take advantage of an especially musical time of year and join in.  Sing from your heart and you will feel the power of music.  Make some noise!


    I've been teaching voice in Austin for twenty years and I've been performing for as long as I can remember. 


    December 2015