I’m Larisa Montanaro, and I have been a professional singer and voice teacher for the past 25 years. Instead of worrying about cracking on the high notes, forgetting the words, or running out of breath too quickly, I will help you actually enjoy singing again and sound better than ever. [include nice photo of yourself where we can see your face clearly right towards the top]


I have performed in many styles on many stages, from avant-garde music, to classical, to jazz standards, to fronting rock and country bands all over Austin, Texas. I’ve taught thousands of students at all levels, from college voice majors to self-taught songwriters, to children. My doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin centered on modern music and how to use classical singing techniques to support the modern singer. All this to say, I’ve been where you are, and I’ve helped students like you sing at their best.


I have spent years overcoming the things we all worry about — forgetting the words, hitting the wrong notes, looking bored on stage, not knowing what to do with my hands. Along the journey, I developed a solid tool chest of techniques to tackle these challenges and truly allow a song to inhabit me.  


And sometimes I still forget the words. Life is unpredictable, and learning to have fun with the surprises along the way is a valuable skill that is helpful even beyond our singing.

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Larisa Montanaro Jazz

The Great American Songbook is considered the bread and butter of the jazz singer’s repertoire and the epitome of the art form. These “standards” have wafted through our lives, our parents’ lives, and in some cases, our grandparents’ lives. But so many other songs have made their way into the repertoire – and the collective unconscious – that I think it’s time to enter a new era. The songs of A New Era are snapshots of an earlier time interlaced with the music of today. Buy A NEW ERA today!

Larisa Montanaro, soprano

UT New Music Ensemble / Texas Early Music Project / Premiering the works of modern composers

Larisa Montanaro, composer

Larisa is an award-winning composer of electro-acoustic music. She uses found sounds as source material to create works of musique concrete. This material is manipulated to varying degrees in order to form sound sculptures.

Larisa Montanaro, band member

Larisa performs with Buzz and the Blue Cats and the Austin Jazz Workshop. Sometimes you might also hear her with The Rust Tones, The Dime Store Poets, Walter Tragert or Seela